Wisconsin Unemployment

Wisconsin unemployment benefits are available to anyone meeting certain criteria. However, those applying are warned that information is subject to change. Even though the Wisconsin unemployment website dwd.wisconsin.gov maintains accurate data, they do not guarantee exactness at all times. Applicants should refer to the Unemployment Insurance Benefit Service for up-to-date facts and figures.

Requirements for Wisconsin unemployment:

-Unemployment through no fault of your own
-Able and willing to work
-Available for work
-Keenly seeking suitable work
-Must file weekly
-Worked fulltime, 35 weeks or more, during the week in question


-Full base period earnings must total a minimum of 35 times the weekly benefit rate
-Earnings outside the high-quarter must equal a minimum of 4 times the weekly benefit rate

A person can claim unemployment benefits for 12 to 26 weeks. The weekly benefit sum is $54 to $363. The amount is calculated by the highest quarter wage. If no problems are incurred during the qualification process, the individual’s entitlement is determined within seven days of filing their claim. Benefit checks are normally mailed within seven days after receiving a completed weekly claim. To file an unemployment claim in Wisconsin you can visit their website.