Tennessee Unemployment

To apply for Unemployment benefits in Tennessee you can do so through the state online claim system. Before you begin you will need to have some important information including your social security number, the dates you worked over the past year and a half, the name, phone number and address of your employers, the name of the county in which you live, and other pertinent personal information.

It’s important to have all of the information together before you begin the application process. You should also check the information you provide before you make your submission to ensure that it is correct. Your unemployment claim begins on the day you submit your application and not the last day you worked. It may take twenty-eight days to have your claim approved.

You will be able to check on your application while you are waiting. Once your claim has been approved, you will need to certify each week after that you continue to be unemployed and are actively searching for work. If you do not fulfill your weekly certification requirements, you will not receive your benefits. You can file an unemployment claim in Tennessee on their website.