South Dakota Unemployment

Unemployment benefits in South Dakota offer unemployed people a temporary financial benefit that is funded by employers. Should you find yourself unemployed you can apply for these benefits by visiting the local office, calling the call center or visiting the online website.

Before you contact the office or go online, you should have the name and address of your employer, your SSN, the dates that you were working over the past year and a half, and the reason for being unemployed. Do not begin the process until you have all of this information together.

In order to be eligible for unemployment benefits in South Dakota you must have earned wages for insurable work. The maximum weekly amount you can receive is $333. You will be sent a report that indicates the maximum amount to which you are entitled. This report will be sent about five days after you submitted your claim. Remember it is important to file your claim as soon as possible. Your benefits will be based on the date of your filing, not your final day of work. You can file an unemployment claim in South Dakota directly at their website.