Oklahoma Unemployment

To be eligible for Unemployment benefits in Oklahoma, two work search activities must be submitted each week, at a similar pay rate to that of your previous employment, in keeping with your experience and education. You must be physically and mentally able to work, and be legally allowed to work in the United States.

Claimants who are incarcerated will be denied. A minimum of two different employers must be contacted each week. If accepted, the relevant information of employment must be submitted. Once all data is submitted, a monetary denomination will be established to the claimant regarding how much he or she will be awarded during the fifty two week benefit year, which begins immediately following the claim, however the first week following application is a waiting week, in which no funds will be awarded whatsoever.

Oklahoma unemployment benefits will be determined by the weekly amount, which multiplied by twenty six will be equivalent to what the claimant will receive yearly. You can file an unemployment claim in Oklahoma on their website.