Ohio Unemployment

To apply for Unemployment Benefits in Ohio, an applicant can partially, as well as totally be unemployed at the time a claim is filed. A claimant must be physically able, as well as mentally able to work, and must be willing and available. To file for unemployment benefits in Ohio you must actively seek employment during his or her benefit duration, to be eligible to continue to receive benefits. A claimant must have worked a minimum of twenty weeks, referred to as qualifying weeks.

Applicants must also have earned an average weekly wage of a minimum of two hundred and thirty dollars. This amount changes per year, and applies to the year in which the claimant applies, it does not apply to the year or years that the claimant has been employed in. Claimants must be unemployed through no blame of their own.

Claimants who have quit their jobs or have been fired are generally deemed ineligible, but there are special cases. Benefits will be awarded during a fifty two week benefit year, with Base periods in which claimants will be awarded certain portions of funds, distributed evenly from the maximum yearly denomination of funds issued to an applicant after their claim has been approved. You can file an unemployment claim in Ohio on their website.