North Dakota Unemployment

Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits in North Dakota pertain to claimants being considered mentally and physically able to be employed. Claimants must also be legally authorized to work in the United States, and all claimants are considered ineligible if incarcerated.  All benefit claims will undergo a week long wait period, in which no benefits will be awarded whatsoever.

Claims authorized will have an established weekly benefit amount, equal to the total a claimant is eligible to receive during a given benefit week. Monetary determinations will be made after all data of previous employment is collected and analyzed. This determination will reflect upon the maximum benefit amount, and the minimum benefit amounts for respective claimants.

A North Dakota unemployment benefits year is a fifty two week period that begins in the first week in which a claimant files a request for benefits. The final Saturday of the fifty two week period is the Benefit Year End day, in which a claimant may receive certain benefits. Bonus Pay may also be added to benefits of a claimant by an employer, which may not be related to the person’s production, but may be beneficial to a certain group or organization. To file an unemployment claim in North Dakota visit the state website.