North Carolina Unemployment

To be eligible for unemployment benefits in North Carolina a claimant must have lost their job through circumstances that involve no blame upon themselves. All claimants must register with the Employment Security Division, and then file a claim for each calendar benefit week that they request. They must then actively seek jobs, any type of employment, during any week in which they receive unemployment benefits which they claim.

Claimants must seek work personally on at least two different days coinciding with a minimum of at least two different employers, and keep written records of all work search, and contacts, to be reviewed periodically by Commission staff. Claimants who receive benefits must then report gross earnings during each week of a claim, including all other received income, excluding that of benefits regarding social security.

Minimum total insured wages for a benefit year are $4.816.85. Individuals who quit, are fired from their employment, refuse referral, refuses to submit to, or to complete, approved commission training, have the potential to be denied for unemployment benefits in North Carolina. Benefit denials may befall any claimant who fails to qualify for eligibility each week . Denial may be confined to a specific time, or indefinite. You can file an unemployment claim in North Carolina on their website