New Mexico Unemployment

All individuals who wish to apply for unemployment benefits in New Mexico are required to first register, and log into, the New Mexico Connection Online System. Claimants must then certify for benefit eligibility.

Those who submit a claim must be both mentally and physically able to work, and available for employment. Applicants must also be legally authorized to work in the United States. Claimants are ineligible for benefits if he or she is incarcerated. Benefits will be rewarded by benefit year, and base period. An objective will be set to determine distribution over the benefit year, including the weekly benefit amount to be awarded.

If a claimant receives employment during the application process, he or she is obligated to discontinue certification. However, if the individual becomes unemployed again within the benefit year, the claim may be re-opened. A maximum benefit period will also be established, to determine the full length of time in which an applicant may receive benefits, as well as a maximum benefit amount, to outline the total possible amount of benefits to be awarded to the claimant. To file an unemployment claim in New Mexico you an visit their site.