New Jersey Unemployment

New Jersey Unemployment benefits are available to those who have worked a minimum of twenty base weeks in covered employment. Base weeks are established by those in which $143 was earned from 2007 and seven to the present. Wages documented for a claim must have been earned during a fifty two week period, otherwise known as a base year.

To file a claim online, the claimant must have worked completely in New Jersey for eighteen months leading up the claim filed, and said work was not for the federal government, or military service. Claimants must also be legal United States residents. Online applications may not be used to re-open a claim or to file an Extended Benefit claim.

Claim benefits are assessed after all data has been collected about a specific claim filed, and an objective will be set to distribute the benefits awarded by a successful claim, followed by establishment of the base year and calendar for benefits to be received. To file an unemployment claim in New Jersey visit their website.