New Hampshire Unemployment

New Hampshire maximum weekly benefit amounts are $427 a week, and a minimum of $32 dollars a week. Total maximum benefit amounts are twenty six times the amount of a claimant’s weekly benefit amount, and are evenly distributed to eligible applicants over a base period. Claimants are considered eligible by being available to work, physically and mentally available to work, verified by law to work in the United States as a naturalized citizen, or permanent resident.

  • Claimants are ineligible for benefits if incarcerated.
  • Base periods will be established on the effective day of file claim.
  • If claimants have worked, and earned, a total of minimum $2800 in four quarters and any two of the four have earnings that total $1400 or more, the claimant will be considered efficient enough to earn a weekly benefit amount, to be assessed by the total of wage data collected.

The first four of five completed quarters of a benefit calendar comprise the Primary Base Period. An Alternate Base Period is considered only if no weekly benefit amount is established, and is the last four completed quarters of a benefit year calendar. You can file an unemployment claim in New Hampshire via their website.