Nevada Unemployment

Workers are eligible for Nevada unemployment benefits when considered mentally and physically healthy enough for work. For an extended benefit program, the claimant must also be considerably available to seek out and accept work. Claimants must also be free on incarceration, and legally authorized to work in the United States, by immigration and naturalization services.

  • A maximum benefit amount is established to set a cap on how much a claimant may receive during a claim period.
  • Claimants must also prove through data that they are monetarily eligible for benefits, having minimum earnings enough to meet requirements.
  • If denied benefits, one may attempt to re-qualify, but will in no way receive compensation for time potentially uncovered by benefits.

After a claim has been filed, a one week waiting period will occur, in which the claimant will receive no benefits. Benefits will be distributed by base periods, a twelve month duration established by law. The base period is usually the initial 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters of the final 5 completed preceding the first day of the benefit year. File an unemployment claim in Nevada here.