Nebraska Unemployment

All those who are considered eligible to work both mentally and physically and cleared of all restriction are eligible for unemployment benefits in Nebraska. Benefits are assessed based upon wages and hours recorded, applicants for benefits should make sure to include ALL work data when issuing a claim.

• Benefits are issued to claimants within a benefit year.
• Benefit years are divided into 3 month quarters.
• Maximum benefits are established to confine awards to claimants to a specific amount, and maximum duration will be established to confine benefits within a specific time frame, usually a benefit year, or quarterly maximums.
• A week long waiting period is issued to all claimants, in which the claimant will receive no benefits.

All Nebraska employees are eligible for unemployment benefits  as long as they are working for an institution which pays the unemployment tax. Employees are not eligible if incarcerated. Non-monetary denominations are determined after all facts about a claim have been gathered. At the time of claim processing, an objective will be set as a goal of benefits to be awarded. You can file for Nebraska Unemployment Benefits here.