Maine Unemployment

In order to be eligible for Maine Unemployment Benefits, you must register on Maine’s Job Bank, the job search referral services of the Career Center. To sign up, you can go on the Maine’s Job Bank website or visit your local Career Center office. If you do not live in Maine, you must register with the employment service in the state where you are living.

Usually, you must be able and available for work, actively seeking work, reporting any work and wages earned while receiving benefits, and report any work refusals. When you qualify for UI benefits, you must continue to meet weekly eligibility requirements.

What you need to apply for Unemployment Benefits in Maine

-Your Social Security number or alien registration number
-The company name, address, and telephone number of every place you worked within the last 18 months
-The jobs you held and the dates you worked for each employer

Veterans who were no longer in the armed forces in the past 18 months must provide information from a DD-214. Federal civilian employees will need to provide information from a SF-8 or SF-5. Applicants should refer to the Maine Unemployment Insurance website for up-to-date facts and figures.