Illinois Unemployment

There are various questions asked during the certification process for Illinois Unemployment Benefits. You should assess and organize answers prior to certifying, to ensure fast, clear-cut certification. Your answers to questions will decide your eligibility for benefits. Additionally, contingent upon the program from where you are receiving benefits, you might be asked additional questions.

General Eligibility Requirements for Illinois Unemployment are :

-Your job loss was not your fault
-You earned wages in insured employment
-Are available to work
-Actively looking for work

For Online Claimants

-Social Security number
-Employer’s information such as name, address, phone number, employment dates and reason for departure
-List of employers from the past 18 months
-Non-US citizens must present alien registration information

You must report all gross wages for all work performed, whether full or part-time. Gross wages are the total earned prior to deductions, not “take home pay.” If your gross earning in any week was less than your weekly benefit sum, you still may qualify to receive full or partial benefit payment.

What UI Procedures can be Completed Online?

-Filing unemployment claim
-Filing unemployment certifications
-Signup, edit, or change direct deposit information
-View payment history

To file an unemployment benefits claim in Illinois you can visit their website.