Florida Unemployment

Florida Unemployment Benefits provide short-term compensation to individuals meeting the eligibility requirements according to Florida law. The Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation and other state’s unemployment offices direct their own unemployment insurance program within Federal guidelines. The denomination and length of unemployment benefits in Florida varies from other states because every state unemployment office validates their own processes and limits when estimating the amount of unemployment compensation.

Eligibility Requirements for Florida Unemployment Benefits

-You must have worked before. The Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation makes public requirements for salaries earned or time employed during an established time known as a base period.
-It must be decided that you are unemployed through no fault of your own according to Florida law.
-You must file continuing claims and reply to question concerning your ongoing eligibility.
-You must account for any earnings from work and any job offers or refusal to work during your claim period.
-You must meet any and all other eligibility requirements of Florida law.

Additional Information

You must have worked in Florida during the last 12 to 18 months and earned a minimum amount of wages. Applicants should refer to the Florida Unemployment Insurance Benefit website for up-to-date facts and figures. To file for unemployment benefits in Florida you can visit their website.