Arkansas Unemployment

You may file for unemployment benefits in Arkansas in person at any Department of Workforce Services office or, by mail with forms placed in the majority of public buildings.

Eligibility for Arkansas Unemployment Benefits

-Able to perform suitable work and available
-Making a sensible attempt to find work
-Non-participation or direct interest in any labor dispute
-Free of ineligibility

Additional Information

A waiting time of one week must be adhered to prior to any benefit payments. The one week used as a legitimate waiting period must be a valid week of unemployment. A legitimate week of unemployment must be a week you have declared after filing your original claim where there were no earnings, or, earnings were less than 140% of your weekly benefit total, all qualifying requirements have been met, and the week for which you have not been ineligible.

After a reasonable amount of time, you must increase your efforts and find work in a related field that utilizes less significant skills. Applicants should refer to the Arkansas unemployment insurance benefit website for up-to-date facts and figures.