Arizona Unemployment

Arizona unemployment benefit information states that unemployment insurance is “not retroactive”, meaning you should submit your application for unemployment benefits immediately following your last day of work. Alternatively, if you are currently working, you must wait until after your last working day to finish your unemployment benefit application.

Requirements for an Arizona unemployment benefits claim:

-Your social security number
-Arizona driver’s license or Arizona issued state ID (applications can still be completed minus these two items)
-Mailing address, city/county, state, and zip code
-Name, addresses, telephone numbers of employers for the past 18 months
-Last day worked immediately before filing your UI claim
-Amount prior to deductions and the date you received payment, for vacation, holiday, severance, or unused sick pay
-Name and number of union hall if relevant
-Alien registration number if relevant
-If you have been released from the military in the last 18 months copy of #4 of your DD-Form 214
-If you have been employed in Federal Civilian service in the past 18 months you must show your SF8 or SF50
-Pension, other than Social Security, information will be required with the beginning date of the pension and the monthly amount

Applicants should refer to the Arizona unemployment website for up-to-date facts and figures.