Alaska Unemployment

To apply for unemployment benefits in Alaska a person must be well enough both physically and mentally to be eligible. You must also be willing and able to accept full time work, and have your own transportation. This is not considered if the claimant is incarcerated. An application may be sent during a 52 week benefit year, with quarters of 3 consecutive months. All Alaska unemployment is covered by an employer who pays a tax to support the payments.

Claimants may undergo a waiting week of unemployment receiving no benefits. These waiting periods will only be served once every benefit year. A monetary denomination will be issued to the claimant, which will state their weekly and maximum benefits, along with all funds processed to make said claim. The maximum Alaska unemployment benefit amount is the total that may be drawn per year or other periods established by law.

A maximum duration will also be issued, to denominate the length of time in which a claimant may receive benefits. Non monetary denominations are determined after all facts are gathered about a claim from the claimant and the employer.

To file for unemployment in Alaska you can visit their website.