Alabama Unemployment

When filing for unemployment benefits in Alabama, you can apply by telephone or by calling the Initial Claims Line toll free, or simply fill out the online form above. You will be prompted to fill out your application via the IVR, interactive voice response system. Then, you will be automatically connected to a customer service representative to complete your claim.

Requirements for Alabama Unemployment Benefits

-Social Security number
-Your name and address
-Dates of employment of recent employer
-Driver’s license or state issued ID card number to verify identity, and mother’s maiden name
-If you are departing from the military, your member 4 copy of your DD214 is required.
-Non-citizens of the US must provide a work authorization number

How soon can you file?

You can file immediately. Your claim will become effectual the Sunday following the day that you file for your unemployment benefits online . Your claim comes into effect for 365 days from the Sunday after the day that you file. You can file an unemployment claim in Alabama on their website.